3 Important TikTok SEO Strategies

3 Important TikTok SEO Strategies

TikTok SEO is an area where TikTok has entered our lives and brands are starting to tend to it. It is known that TikTok poses a great threat to many well-known social media applications today. The introduction of Instagram Reels into our lives is one of the biggest proofs of this.

Especially today, the new generation's preference for TikTok has increased the importance of this platform for every sector and every brand. We have identified basic tips for you to better understand and optimize TikTok SEO, which has been on the rise lately. If you are undecided about choosing the most suitable social media platform for your brand, you can contact us.

What is Tik Tok SEO?

TikTok SEO is an optimizing app that makes it easier for TikTok users to find your content in search. Like traditional SEO, TikTok SEO involves the use of relevant and high-volume keywords with a high search probability.

The biggest difference is that TikTok SEO has emerged as a new concept in this field. Brands and content creators are just discovering the platform as a way to leverage unorthodox viewer behavior. We have identified 3 basic tips to help you understand TikTok SEO.

What is TikTok?

TikTok is a popular social media app. Users can create and share short videos. The app is very popular, especially among younger users. TikTok lets videos become more creative with various effects, music and filters. Users can also watch, like and comment on other users' videos.

3 TikTok Strategy

Description and Use of Hashtags

The most obvious optimization area in TikTok is the use of hashtags. You can provide better visibility by adding your target keywords along with the hashtag to your title or description field.

You can give brief information about yourself and your content by adding a description to your content. Thanks to the appropriate keywords you add to the descriptions, you can also get clicks and awareness in Google Searches.

The fact that hashtags are the most popular and clicked words is very important for TikTok SEO and is a step to take to raise you in the rankings. However, you should be careful not to be perceived as spam by using too many hashtags.


The fact that the music you choose for your video is popular at that time can make your content more visible. Say the keywords as you create your video, and when you get to the editing screen, add captions, allowing TikTok to scan the audio to create captions.

Thanks to its algorithm, TikTok scans your voice and adds subtitles for each word. By using this feature correctly, you can get your videos to rank better. The earlier the keywords appear on the screen, the more effective they will be. Therefore, be careful to use keywords in the first 2-3 seconds of the video.

Use Viral Videos

The most watched and popular video category on TikTok is viral videos. These videos are the category where the easiest and most useful content is produced. Today, since the source of viral videos is TikTok, it is possible that your videos that receive more likes and comments on this platform will be shared by you or others on other social media platforms.

Content that is moved to other platforms will increase your awareness. Trying new and viral video formats by following the trends will allow you to get more impressions and interaction.

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