• 360° sanal tur


360 Sanal Tur

360° virtual tour allows you to monitor indoor and outdoor spaces in the Internet environment on devices such as computers, smartphones. In the places taken with the virtual tour, excursions can be made by giving directions via touch screens or keyboard keys. The transfer of the space to the digital environment in 3D and by shooting a virtual tour creates an impression to the visitor as if they are visiting the place.

High-resolution panoramic photos are used in interactive excursions with a 360° virtual tour. If a zoom is applied to these photos, all the details become visible on the displayed screen. This allows the person making the trip to see all the details in the place. Transitions between indoor and outdoor spaces can also be made in virtual tour Decoupage. In this case, it is also possible to navigate between the rooms by clicking on the doors Dec. In addition, there are also interesting opportunities for the person navigating the virtual tour, such as reading a magazine on the table, zooming in on a painting on the wall, listening to music or watching videos.

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