A test for Covid-19 has been developed that can be done using a smartphone

A test for Covid-19 has been developed that can be done using a smartphone

Researchers have developed a Covid 19 test kit that can be purchased at the pharmacy and run on a smartphone camera.

Researchers at the University of California, Santa Barbara have developed a Covid 19 test kit created with a smartphone camera and sold in pharmacies. Developed by researchers, this test kit is more convenient and cheaper than PCR tests. The coronavirus test, one of the most widely used tools in the coronavirus pandemic, is now very accessible to the public.

A group of scientists from the University of California announced that they have developed a new Covid 19 test that works using basic laboratory equipment and an app downloaded to the phone. The researchers emphasized that the accuracy of the test is also quite high. This new test kit, detailed in an article in the journal JAMA Network Open, is said to be set up for less than $100.

A phone camera is used for Covid 19 testing

Downloaded to your phone, this app uses your phone's camera to detect the presence of pathogens in a person's saliva. Those who want to get the test load saliva into a test kit on the hot plate. The smartphone camera detects a color reaction that indicates whether it tests positive for Covid 19. Researchers say that the Covid19 test performed in this way is more economical than other tests. However, this new method has its drawbacks. room. Due to the model's custom camera calibration, the tests are currently only compatible with Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphones. However, the system is expected to be compatible with more devices in the future.

Can also be developed for new variants

The newly developed smartphone coronavirus test still needs to be tested on a sample of 50 people. However, the research team is still awaiting initial results. The researchers say the test is also effective against other variants that may occur. They also believe this test could be used to detect other pathogens such as influenza.

How to use?

  • Those who want to take the exam download the developed "Bacticount" application to their mobile phones.
  • Then replace your smartphone's front camera with a portable heater.
  • Finally, place the oral saliva sample in the test kit and place it on a portable heating surface.
  • This test contains a reactive solution that makes the infected RNA more visible on the smartphone camera.
  • If the screen turns bright red when you run the app, the result is positive.
  • In addition, the amount of virus in the body can be estimated according to the speed of the color reaction.
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