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A promotional film is a video model that is planned and shot with the aim of delivering people, institutions, products or services to the target audience and potential target audience. The main purpose is to use video, which is one of the most effective communication tools today, and to reach large audiences for promotional purposes.

Promotional films are generally made in order to bring an institution, company, company or product to the forefront in a wide and detailed way by using media communication tools such as videos, pictures, photographs. These prepared films can be shown at fairs, openings, indoor and outdoor promotions, seminars and meetings via digital storage tools, or they can be published on video surveillance sites on the internet to strengthen public relations activities.

The aim of promotional films is to reach the customer directly. Because promotional films will be boring for those who do not have knowledge and interest in the subject due to the excess of details highlighted in the promotional film.

Advertising films, on the other hand, are short-term and effective studies to be effective on the entire customer target audience, whether they are relevant or not. Therefore, it may be more costly. A familiar face selection (player selection), a larger technical material list, and an ad copy that has undergone extensive feasibility studies to be more effective will naturally increase costs.

Some of the activities where promotional and commercial films are used a lot are as follows.

  • Fair promotional film
  • Factory promotional film
  • School promotional film
  • Conference trailer
  • Event promotional video
  • Promotional film for web and social media
  • Corporate promotional film

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