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Corporate identity is the whole of the work done to represent the company's stance inside or outside the company and to enable customers to recognize the company at a glance. The corporate identity also gives a more reliable impression to the customers as it makes the company look professional. The most basic of these works is the logo, which consists of the name of the institution and the emblem. All other visual communication materials are shaped based on the logo design.

Corporate identity is also very important as it increases the awareness among customers by making the company visible in both B2B marketing and B2C marketing. Since it is the most basic advertising work, it is almost impossible for a company without a corporate identity to be recognized and grow. However, a well-designed corporate identity will always be memorable and increase marketing activities, as it will give the company a reputation in the eyes of customers.

Among the corporate identity studies, it has been determined how and to what extent each work will be used, from logo to office design, from employee clothes to on-board clothing, from letterhead to signage, from web site to packaging design. The guide that includes the entire identity system of the institution is called the "Corporate Identity Manual".


The first thing to do when creating a corporate identity is to determine the colors of the institution and design its logo and create a logotype. The logotype is the most important part of the corporate identity. It is the appearance of the logo that makes the institution memorable, effective and powerful. After the logotype is created, other printed materials that the institution will use inside and outside the company should be prepared in a way that does not contradict the characteristics of the structure created for the logotype. A uniquely prepared corporate identity is extremely important for the success and reputation of the company. Using existing logos or similar ones, imitating the colors or images of other companies means investing in them. For this reason, the identity to be created should be prepared in a way that is unique and represents the company itself.

In the process of creating corporate identity, companies should work with professionals who are experts in their fields as much as possible. Because corporate identity is not a work that changes over time. Making too many changes other than small touches and details will be both a laborious and a rewinding process. Since the re-prepared corporate identity will launch the company as a new institution, it will cause loss of experience and prestige. For this reason, a detailed study should be made that fully reflects the company and includes the message, vision, mission and experience it wants to give. Corporate identity is the signature and face of the institution, so it should reflect the company in the best way.


When designing a corporate identity, companies and designers generally reach the result in three stages. The first step is to determine the work to be done. The firm communicates to the designer what products it wants, what to prioritize and the general characteristics of the firm. The designer works on his designs by taking into account the up-to-dateness in accordance with the wishes of the company.

Secondly, the designer submits the works he is working on to the firm and gets his approval. At this stage, if necessary, arrangements and studies are made in accordance with the company's recommendations. And finally, the printing and distribution process begins for the works agreed upon by the designer and the firm.