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Mobile applications have become one of our indispensable needs after the developing technology and the use of mobile devices. Of course, there are many different reasons that give rise to this need. The most important of these are to increase brand awareness, to gather your target audience on a platform, to transform the processes in your organization into simpler and digital, to manage control and performance more accurately, such as many reasons can be counted.

As Beyin Atolyesi, we determine your needs and wishes exactly before developing your mobile applications. We are preparing in detail which user audience the mobile application will appeal to, how many users you are targeting and what features you will offer to users.

How It Must Be?

We live in an age where information is easily accessible. With this situation in mind, it is necessary to focus on interfaces that are easy and simple, rather than applications that have tedious or complex processes. Developing an application that is user-friendly is one of our most important goals to increase the interaction of users with the application.

Why is It Important?

Ensuring that your applications have a place on all operating systems is very important for your brand.

Thanks to iOS and Android applications, it will be easier for you to maintain control due to the customers you access directly, as well as you can easily track your business. Today, thanks to mobile applications, you can save costs in terms of operation, accurately determine and comfortably meet the expectations of your customers.

1. Application Development Analysis;

The first of the application development steps is analysis, as in every study. In line with the preliminary information received for the needs, all the features of the application should be determined at the very beginning and a road map should be drawn. With the analysis, all the data of the application are revealed and the structure is created.

2. Competitor Review and Research;

After the emergence of fundamental analysis, a detailed research should be carried out. This research constitutes the first step of user experience design (UX). The analysis of the application is developed and finalized by using analysis techniques such as the examination of similar applications, the status of competitors, etc. After this stage, it starts with the UX design, which is the basis of the application's interaction with the user.

3. User Experience Design (User Experience/UX);

It is primarily necessary to define the people who will use the application and to prepare the user experience map and information architecture according to these definitions. All these studies are the basic steps towards making the correct modeling and interface design. It ensures that users' habits, movements and past experiences are taken into account and problems that may occur during operation in the application are prevented from the beginning.

4. Programming;

In order for the mobile application to be successfully implemented, it must be correctly programmed as well as correctly designed. The programming work varies according to the mobile platform (IOS, Android, Windows) on which the application will be published and the mobile application development approach. After the programming infrastructure decision is made, application coding is made that will run fast, be debugged and consume the least possible resources.

5. Testing and Publication;

After the mobile application becomes ready, it should be tested for all kinds of possible situations. Mobile application development should be very detailed due to the variety of mobile devices, and planned testing stages are an area that needs to be done. At the end of the testing stages of all structures, publishing a mobile application that is suitable for the target audience and works smoothly in the relevant environment is the last step of a long and exhausting process.

You can contact us immediately for corporate applications related to brand promotion or sales (e-commerce), IOS & Android based applications for educational or entertainment purposes.

WHAT YOU ARE CURIOUS ABOUTMobil Uygulama Geliştirme

What is UX Design?

User experience design is more interested in how the user's interaction on the site will be than designing an interface.

The person who designs how this interaction will be is also called a User Experience Designer (User Experience Designer).

What is UI Design?

User Interface Design is called UI for short.

It is all of the visual, tactile or auditory display tools developed to make it possible for users who do not have any programming knowledge to use machines containing computer programs and commands.

What is Wireframe?

It is a website wireframe, also known as a page diagram or screen plan. It is a visual guide that represents the skeletal framework of the website.

The term wireframe is taken from other fields that use a skeletal frame to represent 3-dimensional shape and volume.

Wireframe drawings are very simple, and most often you can perform them using paper and pencil.

In summary, we can say that it is a style-independent information architecture sketch prepared with sample texts presented with gray boxes and placeholder contents.

What is a Prototype ?

Prototypes are items that are close to the final product, both visually and in terms of user experience.

The user experience is tried to be shown through the prototype and possible errors are observed before the application development is completed.

What is Flowchart ?

Flowchart is the visual arrangement of transitions between screens inside the mobile application, how to Decipher which screen from which screen and other navigational ideas within the application before the design process begins.

In short, we can also call it a content planning scheme.

What is Unity 3D ?

Unity is a paid game engine developed by 3D Technologies company. Thanks to the functions defined in it using programming languages, 3-dimensional simulations are provided.

Unity 3D supports two different scripting language structures (Java Script and C#).