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What is Social Media Consultancy?

Social media is a powerful tool for reaching, connecting and informing existing and new audiences. Businesses can expand their digital footprint by using social networks on a paid and organic basis.

Paid social media is an important part of social media marketing that can exponentially increase reach and drive conversions through sophisticated targeting.

As Brain Workshop, we use artificial intelligence (AI) to strengthen campaign targeting and provide a positive return on investment (ROI).

Actively increasing the brand awareness of our customers in many other channels such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn is one of our goals.

Despite the fact that many networks have switched to a pay-to-be-recognized model, organic social media still plays an important role. As Brain Workshop, we produce and develop special content adapted to the brand and optimized for each platform. Social media is constantly developing new opportunities that businesses can take advantage of. Brain Workshop expert team staff actively follows the current developments and helps brands to get ahead of the competition.

Social media management consultancy is a comprehensive process that includes topics such as how to use accounts, how often and how to share on these accounts, how to reflect corporate identity and how to follow a method in case of crisis.

The Brain Workshop social media team develops brand-specific strategies and creative ideas without getting stuck in patterns. It allows you to get the highest level of efficiency from your social media accounts.

What does successful social media management bring you?

  • You can attract more visitors to your website and reach potential customers with redirects.

  • An actively managed account and supports your SEO operations. You can gain higher in the search engine rankings.

  • You can increase customer satisfaction and brand loyalty by giving instant answers to your customer's comments and questions.

  • You can take advantage of advertising costs that can be adjusted according to your budget.

  • You can increase the value of your brand to the highest levels.

How do we manage Social Media?

We start with sector and competitor analysis. We edit the text language according to your brand and prepare your account in accordance with your brand. While doing this, we also create your social media strategy. We prepare weekly or monthly sharing plans. We provide graphic and video support for the contents. We organize all your shares with our proffesional experimentation to reflect your brand.

As a team, we follow the changes and constantly keep ourselves updated. We produce and share high quality contents. We provide you with all the statistics about your account in a report and show you the progress and success. Turkish English and Russian We can do all the things we say in 3 languages.

If you think you need support for social media management, contact us without wasting time. Let's decide on the most suitable plan and package for you.

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