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Our Services;

  • Google Search Engine Rankings Tracking Dec
  • Keyword Planning and Analysis
  • Website Performance Measurement and Tracking

The fact that the analysis processes of your website are provided is extremely important in terms of the known and availability of your site in the internet environment. For this reason, when we make your website, our services also continue for the analysis and reporting of your site. You cannot manage anything that you cannot measure in a healthy way, and in order to get efficiency from your site, their analysis must be performed and measurable. Do you know the actual performance of your website that you think is very good? A lot of visitors come to your site, but your sales figures are not what you want? The time your visitors spend on your site is very short, why? Is the number of visitors to your site low, your content does not attract enough attention, or does it create problems when opening your site? The answers and solutions to these and all similar questions are being measured and analyzed. We know that web analysis is an important business line that requires expertise. Let's talk about our services for you and what we can do for you together.Web Analiz Raporlama

What can I do for you?

  • Traffic acquisition statistics, resources that bring visitors, weekly and monthly comparisons.
  • Reporting the activities of visitors' interactions on the site, reporting rates such as the time spent on the site and bounce rates.
  • Visit interaction statistics on a page-by-page basis.
  • Detailed visitor demographic analysis (Country, province, age, gender, interests).
  • To be able to determine the potential target audience in Google and social media ads, to determine the necessary criteria and to create a target audience.
  • Visitor technology statistics and analysis.
  • Who comes to your website from search engines with which search queries.
  • Tracking special actions on the site with Facebook pixel code and other tools, use of this information in case of advertising output.
  • Tracking and reporting of all activities on your website (for example, if there is a video on your homepage, how many seconds the video was watched by how many visitors, the percentage of users who went to the bottom of the site, etc.).