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Our goal is to create websites for effective marketing with web designs that are optimized to provide special participation and traffic for your brand.

With a design and strategy-oriented approach, our creative team focuses on your brand vision to guide the overall look and effect of your website.

Presenting your brand vision to the user's liking from a creative and creative point of view is the most important of our principles and goals.

If you want to create a website from scratch or if you want to update your existing website Beyin Atolyesi as a team are ready with qualified and creative designers are always ready to help you.

You'll Imagine, we'll design.

What is the Website ?

Websites are a collection of documents that provide information to your target audience in the form of text, images, documents and animations. The website is your digital identity that ensures the awareness of your company in the digital world. In this journey that you will take with the experts of the business, you will increase the awareness of your brand and company in the digital world, as well as you will be able to reach different audiences.

Elements of Web Design

When creating a website, design work is required to determine the main lines. We present them to you in short headings below and share the tips of a quality study with you.

Schema: The graphics and texts to be used must be in a certain schema. An important goal of websites is to help users reach the information they are looking for at first glance. It is a situation that can be valid if your design is balanced, consistent and maintains its integrity in design schema.

Color: Color choices can be created at the request of the customer, or they can also include the corporate colors of the brands. It can be applied only in designs with black and white colors or in designs with corporate brand colors by using web compatible colors.

Graphics: Graphics for web design can be used in the form of logos, photos, cliparts or icons. Your site should not be in a very cramped structure in terms of ease of use. You should use graphics of a size that will not affect the opening speed of the site and position them appropriately.

Fonts: You can increase the design quality of your website by using various fonts. Most web browsers can only legibly display fonts known as ’web-safe fonts'. For this reason, it will be useful to take care of working with fonts in this group, which is widely accepted as a designer.

Contents: The most important part for a website is the content (blog, text, newsletter) articles. You should create your content up-to-date and original in relation to your industry. You should use keywords related to your industry in your content. They should be optimized for search engines and pay attention to the appropriate length.

Creating a User-Friendly Web Design: When developing a website, you need to consider the end user along with the basic elements of web design to make the site visually impressive. With user-friendly interfaces, you can easily get users with those attention to the factors listed below.

Navigation: When configuring the website architecture, the menus and navigation tools should be arranged in such a way as to provide the user experience at the highest level.It should be designed in a way that is efficient for users, aimed at finding the information they need, and helps to easily move around the site.

Multimedia: Your related videos and audio content that you will use in your designs will help users develop faster understanding, as well as help them easily grasp information. This can encourage users to spend more time on your website.

Mobil Friendly : It is very important that the page is displayed correctly. In order to perform well every time, take care to design a website that can run smoothly on operating systems on different devices and browsers.

Technology: Following the current technology gives designers an advantage. This is how the dynamic and professional designer look develops. Keep your informations fresh.

Interactive: You can increase active user engagement by adding user comments within your design. By offering e-mail forms and e-newsletter registrations, you can turn your visitors into users with whom you interact constantly.

Development Process: Website design needs to work simultaneously with the software development process. Care should be taken to make the visual elements created in a good development process functional in the right way and to pour the quality of the design into the function in the best way. This period should also ensure the performance, security and Decoupling compatibility of your site between different screen sizes.

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