It allows you to see and evaluate the performance of your site by obtaining numerical data with website performance measurement and analysis. Having data as a result of this measurement and follow-up will guide you to increase the performance of your site. You can access a lot of data by using utilities such as Google Analytics, Search Console, Tag Manager, but reading this data correctly and making comparisons correctly.

•   Which countries or cities do my website visitors come from?

•   How much time do visitors spend on average on the website?

•   How much time is spent on which pages of the website?

•   From which source is your site being visited? (Organic search, social networks)

•   What are the login rates from desktop and mobile devices?

•   How many new and repeat visitors? What is the user retention rate?

•   Do you want to instantly see the visitors and the pages they are browsing?

•   Do you want to reach the gender and age group analyzes of the visitors?

•   Which pages do visitors visit and exit your website the most?

With these helpful tools you will use, you can move your current site to a better ranking among the search results, as well as observe the deficiencies in your current site.

Beyin Atolyesi measures and analyzes the performance of your website by using licensed and paid global software, apart from such ancillary software, and with the analyzes it has developed, and provides you with a roadmap for improvements. You cannot properly manage what you cannot measure.